Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Art of Poor Sportsmanship: Serena

So let me get this straight about sports: In really important games, at really important times, we are supposed to forget the rules of the a game? And if we don't, we are supposed to forgive those who decide to act inappropriately?

Oh, okay. Now I get it. Spoiled, emotional brats get to cheat. Okay. Now I know. I guess it's called being passionate.

I am not calling out Serena Williams because she is Serena Williams. John McEnroe was out of line in his day to. Idiot football players who celebrate and taunt in the end zone even when they are LOSING by 21 points are ridiculous, too. I'm guess I'm just disappointed in Serena.

Tennis is supposed to be, oh, I don't know...different somehow. It's supposed to be civilized, polite, bound by tradition. Like cycling. In the Grand Tours of professional bicycling the leader of the GC will not be attacked on the last day. Sportsmanship.

Passion is fine if one can still be polite. Sports, in general, has been losing it's grip on sportsmanship. Oh, sure, we always like it when the ref gets and earful. That is usually saved for the parents in the stands. The player and the referees should have a different relationship. Shouldn't they?

There's an old saying attributed to Kipling, when asked his opinion of Soccer as opposed to Rugby, "Soccer is a game for Gentlemen played by Hooligans, and Rugger is a game for Hooligans played by Gentlemen." Sometimes behavior like that shown by Serena in U.S. Open makes me think that the hooligans are taking over. Exciting? Yes. But sad, too.

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