Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dear 2013

What, you just leave like that? After the year we had? We both knew it wasn't going to last forever but I had a couple things I wanted to say before you left.  You didn't have to go all cat burglar and sneak out while I was asleep. Five more minutes and the fireworks outside would have jarred me out of the Dom PĂ©rignon and Ryan Seacrest induced coma.

I'll just start, 'kay? First off, thanks. You were amazing. No, really, I mean it. Now hold on. Don't get all full of yourself, I said amazing, not perfect. We didn't always see eye to eye and sometimes you were kinda bitchy, but you always kept it interesting, that's for sure. Usually, in good ways. Saucy little mynx. There were only a couple bad patches, but  these things happen and I'm not holding any grudges. Just saying.

The bees in chimney thing was a good one. Didn't see that coming. Wouldn't have been such a big deal if Liz wasn't allergic to bee stings. Not funny. Losing my dad and my sister in the same year, though, not cool either. St. Paddy's Day and The 4th of July are both going to be a little different in the future.

Oh, I wanted to talk to you about the commute to work but never got around to it. That's on me. We never did solve the issue with rude people using their cell phone in the middle of a movie. Oh, and I'm still having trouble with calling a cookie a "biscuit." Maybe 2014 can help me with that one? It makes it easier for all my British friends if I can talk their language once in a while. 

On the other hand, I did have another 24/7/365 of laughs with the light of my life - the remarkable, patient, indefatigable, talented Elizabeth. That alone kept everything in balance. (Don't think I've ever really used the word "indefatigable" before! Sweet.)

Portland was a ton of fun! Thanks for throwing that our way. We hadn't had a vacation in, like, forever. Great hotel, not a bad meal the whole week, and perfect weather. Totally had a blast catching up with some fabulous friends and making remarkable new ones. (Note to self, be sure to talk to 2014 about doing more of this kinda stuff.) Couple great short trips up the coast were appreciated, too. Thanks for those.

The job could have been less, uhm, shall we say "challenging?"  I know, I know, that's not ALL your fault, but COME ON! Really? Did it have to go down like that all year! You did come through in the end, but getting there was crazy. If it's not too late, please let your successor know this is gonna be one of the first things we are will parley about. I'll schedule some time in the next couple of weeks to discuss. My mantra for next year is "More Liz, less biz." Catchy, right?

Oh, yeah, congrats on pulling off the stunning surprise of the decade! Meeting Heather was indescribable. I've tried, but keep coming up short. Wonderfully surreal and totally cool. Still wrapping my head around it, actually.  Apparently, dimples are hereditary. Well done you.

That's it. I hope you get this before you are too far away. I would say "stay in touch," but I know you won't. Probably just as well. Sorry I missed you on your way out, but really glad we had some quality time together. It was totally worth it.

Your Pal,

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